Access Control

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Open your boom gates with your cell Phone

Open your boom gates with your cell Phone

The GSM SWITCH module gives you complete control at your fingertips. With the ability to open your boom gate - all via your phone - the GSM SWITCH lets you access and open the boom gate from just about anywhere. Simply call the GSM SWITCH (free of charge). The miss call will activate the gate or boom to open. You can turn a seemingly endless list of electrical devices on and off just by using your cellphone and, using the Sticky Latch feature, latched outputs will 'remember' their states if power to the device is cycled ensuring that fickle power supplies will never leave you powerless.GSM Switch


  •  Communicate with up to 1200 users
  • Activate devices via dropped call (free of charge)
  • Remain secure with password protection


  • The cost of the GSM Switch unit is only R1950.00 and this includes the Sim card provided by us.
  • We will manage the system for you by adding and deleting the access numbers via our office. For only R5.50 to add or delete a number.
  • We can load a contractor's number on the unit and auto delete after the job is complete, for only R11.00, as the number is added and auto deleted.
  • We will manage the simcard's airtime and bundels for you, so no need to worry about it.