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Only Community Policing related ads, please? The idea is not to spam the C-P-F users with every day adverts. We want to provide a unique security platform for the users E.g., boom gates, security systems, radios, guards, reflective clothing, speed bumps est.

 Need to get the word out, from only R100.00 Per Month

These ads will be shown to ALL the Community Policing Forums registered as well as their members visiting this website.  This is the perfect opportunity to promote your product or business nationwide.

  • Header 1092 Width x 60 Height As seen on top of this blue text block
  • Footer 1092 Width x 60 Height As seen below this blue text block
  • Bottom Displayed size 250 Width x 354 Height (Option to Click full size, will open Ad in new window)
    As seen Left Below, Middle Below and Right Below in the dark grey block.

All Ads will be screened and checked before invoice is sent. Ads on this website work on a monthly basis and need to be paid in full before the ad will run. Please note that all ads must be CPF related.

 How to place an ad on this website?

  1. Create your ad to the specified block size (E.g. Header, Footer, Bottom) or ask your marketing team to design the ad.
    For better results your Ad should consist of the following.
    • Business Name / Logo / Address
    • Contact Name / Number / Email / Website
    • Relevant Ad details / Info
    • Pricing of items on offer
  2. Save the created ad in JPG, JPEG, GIF or PNG format not bigger than 2MB in size.
  3. Complete the form and upload your ad.

PLEASE NOTE: Send the completed design as we do not have a design team in-house.

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Please ensure that your ad (A5 Brochure) can be resized to 250 Width x 354 Height before upload? 
If visitor Click on your ad 250 Width x 354 Height, it will show full size.

Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg png jpeg.
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