Control Room Systems

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Hardware & Software Included.

i-Monitor Base Station

The i-Monitor control room setup kit is a compact self-contained standalone unit designed for monitoring of long range data transmitters (±30Km Depending on terrain). Have your own control room in your Security estate, Golf Estate, neighbourhood watch or community policing forum.


Alarm activations are received from the radio transmitters on i-Monitor's frequency and decoded at your on site security control room through the i-Monitor base Decoder. The decoded alarm activation information is then displayed on your computer database. The home/business owner’s contact details, address and instructions is then displayed on the control room software included in the kit, so that the control room staff may take the appropriate action. 

Download the i-Monitor Power Point Show here to see how it works

i-Monitor control room Software


  • Software
  • User friendly operation
  • No limit on amount of clients
  • Software Encryption
  • Zones/Users labels
  • Disaster Mode
  • Full Audit Trail
  • Electronic Occurrence Book
  • Full history reports
  • Base Station
  • Self contained unit with battery backup and charger. 
  • Encrypted coding format allows for secure data transmission. 
  • Internal programmable real time clock and calendar.
  • USB and programmable RS232 port.
  • External buzzer output with remote reset input.
  • Mains fail indication on status LED with Mains fail / restore reporting.
  • Auto test for decoders and repeaters.
  • Up to 30 repeaters may be used on one system to provide additional range.
  • Manufactured with the latest surface mount technology.

i-Monitor transmitter


Base station, Antenna with cable, Software and encription dongle.
          Setup of software with training is done via internet.


  • Onsite Security Estate Alarm Monitoring
  • Onsite Golf Estate Alarm Monitoring
  • Onsite Retirement Village Alarm Monitoring
  • Onsite Housing Estate Alarm Monitoring
  • Onsite Office Park Alarm Monitoring
  • Onsite Community Policing Forum (CPF) Alarm Monitoring
  • Onsite Neighouthood Watch Alarm Monitoring
Description Cost Excl
Once Off  
Control room start-up kit price R 11 033.00
Radio transmitter (per client) R 557.00
  R11 590.00
Monthly contract  
Rental of frequency, ICASA license and software R 1 134.00
Monthly network & ICASA license fee per transmitter R 26.09 each
  R1 160.09
TOTAL R12 750.09 Excl